About Me

My name is Alexis, though you might know me better by my penname, 'Rekki'.
I currently live in the Baltimore area and try to hit as many local conventions as I can manage. Please don't hesitate to find me and say hello! Keep an eye on the home page to see where I'll be next, or follow me on social media!

I am an artist and a writer, with the hopes of combining the two and creating my own manga/webcomic someday. I have completed four NaNoWriMos and self-published one so far. Most of my work, be it art or story, is heavily character focused. My characters mean everything to me- absolutely everything. I adore them as if they were sitting right beside me here in the real world.

My media preferences are copic markers, ballpoint pens, and generally just whatever I can get my hands on. I prefer traditional art over digital, but do a lot of my finishing touches digitally.

For my 'real job', as some might say, I work as a public Librarian. I am grateful every day to have a work environment that allows me to express my creativity and use my talents.